A further look at Advanced Multimaterial Structures in the Automotive Industry- SECOND EDITION

8th November 2016 - Bilbao

An event featuring a presentation on BEHICLE !

Registration and information: www.aicenter.eu

The automotive industry is investing heavily on manufacturing cleaner vehicles, which entails lighter cars, but without compromising on safety. Vehicle manufacturers are responding to the challenge by following a multimaterial strategy. The conference aims to depict this strategy by focusing on state-of-the-art multimaterial concepts, car body lightweight design, new steels, aluminium alloys and composites in automotive structures and joining technologies. To provide a hands-on experience of the discussed topics, a fully disassembled BMW 7 series will be on display at the event premises, one of the most recent examples of applied multimaterial solutions on the market. Technical presentations on the singularities of this model will complement the exhibition.