European Electric Vehicle Congress Program

The Congress will start with the already famous EUProject Day, that will be providing a complete overview of the different programs and related projects supported by the European Authorities and fostering the development of eMobility. At a time when the European Commission will launch new related call for projects, this special day, featuring results of nearly 100 projects, will be a unique opportunity to identify possible actions, overlaps, synergies and/or gaps. The following day will be dedicated to plenary sessions where key representatives from the Authorities (International Energy Agency, United Nations, European Commission and Parliament, ...), Industry (BMW, Nissan, Daimler, ALV, ...), and key Associations based in Brussels (AVERE, POLIS, ACEA, EUROBAT, EARPA, UITP, EURELECTRIC, EGVIA, ...) will present their latest achievements and vision on the future of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.