Work Packages

The BEHICLE project will be developed via eight work packages.


The management and coordination activities are carried out in WP8, and will establish a quality and coordination plan that will be implemented for the project development, ensuring the achievements of the objectives in the most efficient way. The main part of the demonstration and research activities (WP2 to WP5) will be accomplished in parallel by different working groups at each site.

Every work package will follow a common methodology with regular exchange of experiences and results to evaluate the project. The project will start with a benchmarking stage executed in WP1 in order to establish a common framework for project development. This first stage pursues a preliminary assessment of crash-worthiness of the QBEAK car.

Once the working framework has been defined, the different design activities will start with the conception of an integrated front electrical power train that will meet the desired performance (WP2) and the energy-absorbable systems to ensure a safe performance of the BEHICLE prototype (WP3). These two work packages will perform in parallel, and will interact with Stage 2 of WP1, where a final BEHICLE design and detailed engineering, as well as numerical models, will be delivered.

The final result will be the delivery of four BEHICLE prototypes that will be used for two purposes: on-road testing, and EuroNCAP testing.